Sendai Sales Office moved to a new location.
American Takii, Inc. was established.

Naganuma Breeding Station, Takamatsu Office and Takii Europe Liaison Office were established.
Modern, state-of-the-art research facilities including a research wing and exhibition hall were completed at Takii's Plant Breeding and Experiment Station in Shiga Prefecture.

Takii celebrated the 150th anniversary of its founding, the 65th anniversary of its incorporation, and the 80th anniversary of its mail order business. On this occasion, Takii changed its brand name from "Nagaoka Hybrid" to "Takii Hybrid". By this time, Takii had created 425 hybrid vegetables and 136 hybrid flowers.
Takii Hybrid Tomato "Tough Boy" was introduced. This pioneer, sweet hybrid boasts an extremely high share in the market.
"Bio-Hakuran" was created as the first hybrid Brassica developed by cell fusion.

Introduced "Orange Queen", F1 Hybrid Chinese Cabbage by anther culture.

The sales offices in Tokyo, Sapporo, Fukuoka and Sendai became branch offices.

In celebration of the 70th anniversary of its incorporation, a corporate history titled "Tane no Ayumi" (Footsteps of Seeds) was published.
"Kumiyama Center" was completed in Kumiyama-cho, Kyoto, to process and package seeds.
Dwarf Helianthus "Big Smile" won a Grand Prize at the Osaka International Flower and Greenery Expo.
Takii Chile was established in South America.
Takii Europe B.V. (The Netherlands) was established.